Overview for Teen Volunteering

Teen volunteering at the South Brunswick Public Library is done a bit differently, but is open to all applicants. 

Applications are only valid from September 1 of the current school year until August 30 before the new school year begins.  All applicants who wish to continue volunteering must file a new application every school year.  

For a full overview of how volunteering works here, please read the Expectations and Procedures form, which is linked below and is a required piece of every applicant’s first application.There are many things you can do as a volunteer, some of them are listed below or are listed as “Specialized Volunteer Groups”. 

If a group needs a special application, it will be listed in the explanation and an option to download one will be there.  We do offer special Summer Volunteer opportunities, and those applications are usually available sometime in March and due sometime before Memorial Day in May.

If you have questions regarding volunteering, contact Saleena Davidson at .

SBPL Teen Expectations/Agreement and Procedures

Click here to download the SBPL Teen Expectations/Agreement and Procedures Form.

SBPL Teen Volunteer Application

Click here to download the SBPL Teen Volunteer Application Form.

Summer Volunteering

The South Brunswick Public Library will take into service a set number of regularly scheduled volunteers for the months of July and August. These volunteers will be scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 8 hours per week. Volunteer applicants who best meet the Library’s needs will be contacted and these positions will be awarded by June 10. All volunteers must be able to work July AND August, any vacation time should already be cleared with supervisor at the time of the agreement.

SBPL Teen Summer Volunteer Application

Click here to download the SBPL Teen Summer Volunteer Application Form.


One of the Library’s more creative volunteer opportunities is as puppeteer in The South Brunswick Puppeteers Group, formed in 2000. Members work on performances of puppet shows for young children.  This group is open to all in grades 5-12. 

When in session, practices are once a week for an hour at a time.  Shows are usually within the same time frame as the practices.  We try to ensure there are at least six practices before a show.  For more information please contact Saleena Davidson at .