Welcome to Teens

Teens of all kinds are welcome at the library, and we count you as a teen as soon as you are in 7th grade (even if you aren’t 13 yet).  We love to have events and do fun things, but pay attention to the grades in the description; sometimes we do things for grades 6-12, sometimes things are just for Middle School teens or just for High School teens; and sometimes it’s for a random range of grades; so make sure you’re coming to the event that’s right for you.

We have classes, clubs and loads of fun, you should join us!  Don’t see an event that you wish we had? Drop a suggestion in the Teen Suggestion box, email a Teen Library person, or just stop us and talk to us about it

If you need help with schoolwork, we have tutors that help up to grade 12.  If you need help with book suggestions, feel free to stop us and make suggestions or ask questions anytime.