Summer Reading

Teen Summer Reading 2018

How to Register

You are able to Register online by clicking on button below.

Entry Forms

Drop off entry forms with how many hours you have read every week, or as often as you can.

Entry forms are given to you when you sign up for summer reading at the Information desk or can be found by below.

That’s it.  You can read anything (including audio & ebooks/e-magazines).  Dropping off the entry forms gives you a shot at an assortment of prizes, including gift cards for Starbuck, Rita’s Water Ice, a $50 Amazon Gift Card as well as the Grand Prize of $75 Amazon Gift Card.  Dropping off your forms also entitles you to a small prize immediately

Entry Form

Click here to download the Entry Form. Be sure to fill it out and return it to the Information Desk!

Book Review

As a bonus, if you write a book review, you can get a lollipop.  Drop off reviews at the Information desk, pick up your lollipop immediately. 

Reviewers are limited to one review per week per person.  Forms can be found at the Information desk or on the link below.

There will be a bonus prize drawing for readers who read and review Garden State Book Award nominees.  The prize will be one $10 Barnes & Noble gift card.

Book Review

Click here to download the Book Review Form. Be sure to fill it out and return it to the Information Desk!

Extra Special Bonus Prize

There will be a special prize for the two teens who have attended the most events as part of summer reading.  So, you have to be registered for Summer Reading and you have to sign in at the events if you want to qualify.  Check out the calendar and come to the events! We always have door prizes but now…ANOTHER prize!

I scream, you scream,

we all scream for…..


This year our final summer reading party will be an ice cream party….IF…you earn it. 

Saleena has issued a challenge.  Help meet the challenge and you earn an invitation to the party.  Saleena will have a display featuring a cone and it needs scoops of ice cream.  You need to earn 200 scoops on the display to win the party.

How do you earn scoops? 

  • Join Teen Summer Reading
  • Attend Teen Summer Events
  • Return entry forms showing you have been reading

For every 5 people at an event and for every 30 hours of reading; you earn one scoop.  Check out the display in or near the teen room to see how you’re doing, and help us earn a party!

Saleena will tabulate whether or not the party is happening by August 3 and invitations will go out by August 5 to everyone who turned in a form, has attended an event and is registered as part of Teen Summer Reading.

If you win any summer reading prizes in the drawing, Saleena will contact you by phone or email. 

All prizes will be awarded by or before August 30 and must be picked up by September 30 or they will be forfeited.