Welcome to Teens Summer Reading 2021

The Teen Summer Reading Program starts June 21st!


Summer Reading: It's For Everyone

This summer we are using a virtual platform called READSquared to record your reading activities. Visit our READsquared website at sbpl.readsquared.com to join. There is even an app! The program kicks off on June 21st and the last day to submit your progress will be August 15th. There are activities to do, games to play and goals to reach that will earn you virtual badges and points. 

How does Summer Reading work through READsquared?

With READsquared, the summer reading program is easier and more fun than ever! Just create an account in READsquared and log the amount of time you read whenever you read. Read ANYTHING! E-book, Comic, Graphic Novel, Audiobook, Manga, Magazine, Paperback, Hardcover…even Fan Fic! You will earn points for the books you read and the missions you complete this summer.

How to participate:

  1. If you like to read and don’t care about prizes, you are welcome to simply read and log hours spent reading on the app.
  2. If you wish to collect prizes, you will need to physically turn in forms. The forms will be sent when you are eligible for prizes along with a list of prizes to choose from.

Forms & Prizes:

  1. There are TWO levels of prizes— you earn two small prizes when you have read 10 hours and you earn one medium prize when you have read 15 hours.  Each accomplishment logged into the App (ReadSquared) will generate a form emailed to you that you will turn in along with your request for the prize from the list.  So, for example if Person A reads 30 hours, they would receive vouchers for 4 small prizes and 2 medium prizes.
  2. There is a limit of how many vouchers you can have at a time.  That limit is 2, so, if you read 45 hours in a week, you would only be eligible for vouchers for 30 hours (2 vouchers on each level); and the remaining hours would be saved towards the next time.
  3. Prize vouchers will be sent out every other Tuesday from 7/6.  You will be sent prize vouchers for whatever has been earned in the time period, if there are leftovers (and you are not over the maximum allowed), leftover hours will be added for the next time period.  Hours are cumulative, so take your time.
  4. When prize vouchers are sent, there will also be a prize list sent with available prizes to choose from.  You will be instructed to choose your top 3 (just in case multiple people claim the same prize).  After your vouchers have been received, your prizes will be placed into a paper bag and left at the teen desk with your name on it, in the box labeled “summer prizes”.  Please only take what is labeled for you.  You will be emailed when your prize is ready for pickup. Most award pickup notifications will be sent out on the Fridays following the prize vouchers being received.  With limited staff, there may be delays, but we will do our best.
  5. All prizes MUST be claimed within 4 weeks of issuance of the voucher.  Any prizes not claimed will be added back into the list of prizes available.

Visit sbpl.readsquared.com to create your account and get started and to download the app. Have fun and good luck!


Readsquared is this year’s hub to Summer Reading registration and activities provided by the New Jersey State Library.  It’s a virtual experience you can do from anywhere!

  • Participate in SBPL’s Summer Reading Program through this app
  • Log your reading to earn rewards
  • Win prizes by reading or completing fun missions