Meeting Room

The South Brunswick Public Library, in keeping with its mission, offers meeting room space as available for public programs.  The program must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Given by South Brunswick community individuals or organizations;
  2. Open to the general public;
  3. Of broad interest to and for the benefit of the general public;
  4. Of an educational, cultural or civic purpose;
  5. And offered without an admission fee.

If the above criteria are met, the room will be available for no cost.  Qualified community service organizations whose membership is comprised primarily of South Brunswick residents (such as scout troops and parenting support groups) will also be granted free use of the facilities.   If these criteria are not met, a room may be available for a rental fee.

Free use of a Library Meeting Room will not be authorized for the commercial benefit of private individuals, or profit-making purposes.  Solicitation of money (including admission charges, dues, donations or sales) is prohibited.

Use of a meeting room at the library is obtained by submitting a written request form.  All requests must be approved by library administration.  South Brunswick Public Library (hereafter referred to as “The Library”) programs and functions have first priority for the use of library facilities.  Reservations for a room in the library are not guaranteed; the library reserves the right to reschedule any meeting if a conflict in time or date should occur.  The Library reserves the right to assign or relocate a group to any meeting room that meets the requirements submitted on the application.

Room Use and Rental Application Process

To use a meeting room at the library, applicants should submit a Room Use/Rental Application at least two weeks prior to the requested date.  The form can be submitted in person at the Information Desk in the library, by email to or by mail to the attention of the Outreach Department.  A new application must be submitted annually for repeat programs.

Before filling out an application:

  1. Check the South Brunswick Public Library Hours of Service. Use of the meeting rooms is only allowed when the library is open.  All meetings must end at least 15 minutes prior to closing.
  2. Check the availability of the room on our Event Calendar.
  3. Review the Meeting Room Policy, Rules and Regulations and the Fee Schedule which are included with the Room Use/Rental Application at the link below. Please make sure you can comply with the policy and retain a copy for your record and use; exceptions to any of the rules will not be made.
  4. Confirm that the date complies with the policy. No application will be accepted less than 2 weeks prior to the date that the application is received at the library; no exceptions.
  5. A confirmation of the booking will be sent to the email address included on the application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm that the meeting has been scheduled and that the details are accurate by checking the Event Calendar.

Where scheduling conflicts exist, priority will be given as follows:

  • Library programs;
  • Library affiliated programs;
  • Township organizations;
  • Non-township organizations whose service area incorporates South Brunswick township
  • Other

All paperwork must be complete, signed and received by the library before the designated room will be officially reserved and the time and date put on the calendar.

Room Use Rules and Regulations Form

Click here to download the Room Use Rules and Regulations Form.