Exam Proctoring

Thank you for your interest in Exam Proctoring. Currently, we have suspended exam proctoring at the library until we can provide this service safely to our community. 

Many online courses require proctored exams. The proctor’s role is to verify the identity of the student taking the exam and supervise to ensure that the instructions specified by the instructor are carried out.

At the South Brunswick Public Library, we offer Exam Proctoring Services. All exams must be scheduled in advance.

Exam Proctoring Schedule

The Library will provide exam proctoring services Monday through Saturday when schedules permit, for a fee of $25 per exam  plus any additional costs incurred for postage.

If you have questions please call Judy Pietrobono, Assistant Director at 732-329-4000, ext. 7351 to make an appointment for exam proctoring.

Please see our exam proctoring policy and proctor request form below.

Exam Proctoring Policy

Click here to download the Exam Proctoring Policy.

Exam Proctoring Application Form

Click here to download Exam Proctoring Application Form.