Bookmobile - Schedule and Route Map

Our Bookmobile schedule refreshes four times a year so we can be where and when we are needed most. Our current schedule can be found below.

Bookmobile Early Autumn 2019 Schedule

Click here to view and download the Bookmobile Early Autumn 2019 Schedule. This schedule will run from September 3rd to October 19th.

Route Map

Please note:

When the Bookmobile is at a daycare center or school (shaded on the schedule), time does not permit the staff to serve the general public.  Please visit the Bookmobile at any of the other locations or make a request for a specific book in the library.

The schedule may be interrupted when there is inclement weather or for maintenance.  Contact the Bookmobile Desk at 732-329-4000, ext. 7288 for bookmobile updates or the Library at ext. 7290 for general questions.