SBPL - Flu Clinic on Sept. 26, 2018

Influenza ("Flu")

Influenza (“flu”) is a contagious disease that spreads around the United States every year, usually between October and May. Flu is caused by influenza viruses, and is spread mainly by coughing, sneezing, and close contact. Anyone can get flu. Flu strikes suddenly and can last several days.

How can the flu shot help?

  • Flu vaccine can help by:
  • keeping you from getting flu
  • make flu less severe if you do get it
  • keep you from spreading flu to your family and other people.

Flu Vaccine Information and Forms

Rite Aid will be coming to the library on September 26th to help administer flu shots to the pubic. This clinic will be running on a first come, first served. To help cut down on waiting times and to accommodate the public, you are welcome to download, print, and fill  out two forms before you arrive. Be sure to contact your personal health provider if you have any questions. If you have a severe egg allergy or are sick the day of the clinic, check with your doctor before getting vaccinated. 

Flu Vaccine Information Statement

Click here to download the Flu Vaccine Information Statement. Be sure to read over this statement to help understand the flu vaccine.

Flu Vaccine Screening Questionnaire and Consent Form

Click here to download the Flu Vaccine Screening Questionnaire and Consent Form. Be sure to fill it out before to cut down on your wait time.