Mohamed Sanu
Mohamed Sanu

Hometown Hero - Mohamed Sanu

  • Mohamed Sanu is an American Football wide receiver for the New England Patriots
  • Born in Sayreville, NJ, moved to Sierra Leone as a child before moving to Dayton, in South Brunswick, NJ
  • Led South Brunswick to first playoff berth in nearly 40 years throughout his last year playing on the team
  • Graduated from South Brunswick High School in December 2008/January 2009
  • 2011–Named MVP in football at Rutgers
  • Drafted to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2012
  • Signed a contract with the New England Patriots in 2019
  • Played in the 2017 Super Bowl LI
  • Read a 1997 South Brunswick Post article about Sanu when played for the Vikings in 2007

“If someone puts you in a pressure situation, it’s because they believe you can handle it. Pressure is a privilege. Rise up to it.”  – Sanu via Twitter post 2018

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