South Brunswick Public Library Foundation


Its mission is …

To provide special and unique support to the South Brunswick Public Library:

To enable the library to meet the evolving and expanding needs of the very diverse population it serves.

Its goals are…

1. To address the needs of children’s services. This includes added technology, materials and additional professional staff.

2. To endow a chair for a technological staff person and additional technological access for the public.

3. To enlarge the number of materials available to the public in certain specialty areas such as children, foreign language material, materials for people with disabilities, recorded books and English as a second language materials.

4. To address the special needs of our young adults (YAs). This would include increased technology, more programming and an endowed chair.

Foundation History

SBPLF was founded in 1996 by a group of individuals who are dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the Public Library in South Brunswick.

Contact:  Chris Carbone at or call 732-329-4000, ext. 7287.