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Chris Carbone

Library Director

732-329-4000 Ext.7287
Judy Pietrobono

Assistant Director

732-329-4000 Ext.7351
Claudia Stadtmauer

Administrative Assistant

732-329-4000 Ext.7281
Diane Hurley

Borrower Services Supervisor

732-329-4000 Ext.7295
Jill D’Amico

Head of Information Services

732-329-4000 Ext.7638
Jetzarel González

Community Engagement and Outreach

732-329-4000 Ext.7292
Saleena Davidson

Principal Young Adult Librarian

732-329-4000 Ext.7634
Matt Kirschner

Head of Children’s Services

732-329-4000 Ext.7344
Hai Chin Chung

Head of Technical Services

732-329-4000 Ext.7284
Randy Marsola

Principal Network Librarian

732-329-4000 Ext.7636
Gary Catano

Maintenance Supervisor

732-329-4000 Ext.7257
Doug Gildenberg


732-329-4000 Ext.7282