The Teen Volunteer Association (TVA)

TVA 2015

The Teen Volunteer Association is the volunteer group that helps to ensure the Library stays relevant and interesting to teens.  Meetings are on the first Saturday of each month during the school year from 1 to 3 p.m.  At the meetings we discuss plans, programs, complaints, triumphs and all things library and teen.  Everyone is welcome; however, if you decide to become a member there are some obligations attached.  If interested, feel free to drop by and be sure you have a valid volunteer application on file.

Teen Volunteer Association Rules of Membership:

Everyone is welcome to attend a TVA meeting.  The TVA is a group dedicated to making programs & the library a better place for teens, as well as a space to make friends and learn how to organize, create and make ideas into realities.  In order to do this we need participating and active members.  To become an active and full member of the group, one must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Attend at least 3 meetings within a one year period (We use the school year as our model, so the year according to our membership counts from September-August).
  • Attendees are not members until they have attended 3 meetings.  Therefore, the first three meetings will not count for volunteer hours until the fourth meeting; at which time all the hours will be awarded retroactively.  If a person does not attend the meetings within the time allotted, (i.e. within a year) the count will restart from zero and they will lose credit for prior meetings.
  • In order to work as a volunteer, members must keep their applications up to date.
  • Members must attend at least 2 teen programs each year, not including TVA meetings or Lock-in events. Volunteering at an event does not count towards attendance.
  • To maintain membership, members must continue to attend a minimum of 4 meetings per year and two events per year.

Executive Volunteer Association (EVA)

EVA 2015Executive Volunteer Association is a leadership group which takes the ideas and plans of the TVA (Teen Volunteer Association) and brings them to life.  Teens in this group are selected based on experience and enthusiasm and have certain criteria to be met.  First, a volunteer application must be filed and then the group votes on your selection based on your answers and how well you meet the criteria.  Applicants (in general) should have 30 or more hours of volunteering at the Library, be motivated and already be involved in the Teen Volunteer Association.  For more information, see the application or contact Saleena.

EVA Application

EVA Requirements