Summer Reading

SUMMER READING 2016 for Teens – Grades 7-12

June 20 – Aug. 19

READ or NOT – Get in the Game!  Teen Summer Fun – Reading Optional!!

Summer 2016! A new way to do Summer at the Library!

This year, we’ve decided to do things a bit different.  Now, you can enjoy participating in the Teen Summer Reading program ‘Without Reading’, unless you want to.  You do have to interact with the library’s resources, online or in person, and if you’re reading, there is a bonus prize.  Check out the rules and signups online starting in June.  (Starts 6/20 and ends 8/19).  We want ALL of you to join us in the fun, so whether you’re in town or abroad; reading or busy with other things…you can still participate and win prizes.

How it works:

  • You must be in grades 7-12

  • You must use the library’s resources and databases (Except for books! You may read your own or even another library’s!)

  • You cannot use the general internet or just any website

  • You must register with our online form (check the website: www.sbpl.info Teen Summer Reading)

  • Don’t know how to use the library’s resources? Ask your friendly librarian!

If you want to READ (books, ebooks, audiobooks, fanfic, graphic novels, comics, and manga):

  • Read or listen to books in one hour increments

  • Write down titles under “Books Read or listened to OR an experience”

    • Look it up in the catalog and, if the library has the book, write down the call number under “Library Interaction”

    • Can’t find it in the catalog? Write down that we don’t have it!

  • Don’t know how to find a call number? You got it: Ask your friendly librarian

If you want to have an EXPERIENCE:

  • Go out and do something…anything!

    • Attend a library event or class

    • Go on a hike

    • Watch a movie in French/Spanish/Hindi/Mandarin (etc, etc)

    • Learn how to skateboard

    • Knit a hat

    • …really! Anything

  • Write down what you did under “Books Read or listened to OR an experience”

  • Find a library resource to go with the experience and write it down under “Library Interaction”   For example:

    • Attend a library event or class? Write down the name and date

    • Going hiking? Look up some local plants in a library database to look for while you’re out

    • Watched a movie in another language?  Explore “Pronunciator,” the library’s language learning program

    • Learned how to skateboard? Check out a DVD with tips and tricks

    • Knitting a hat? Check out a knitting ebook from Overdrive

  • Need more ideas? Do I even have to tell you? Yup! Ask your friendly librarian!


 You don’t have to limit yourself to only reading or experiences. Do any combination of the two and do as many as you like. When you’ve completed a log (with at least two entries), turn it in for an entry to win a prize! Prizes are listed in the log.  You may do as many things each week as you like, but minimum to turn in a log is two.


 A few other notes:

  • You do NOT have to be in South Brunswick to participate in our Summer Fun Program

  • You DO have to turn in forms if you wish to win a prize.  Forms may be turned in via email, Google forms, or in person.

  • There WILL be prizes available INSTANTLY to anyone who turns in their forms in person at the library.  These prizes are ONLY available when you turn in a form in person.

  • You may only turn in one form per week.

  • Please remember to check off which prizes you wish to win EACH TIME you turn in a form.  If nothing is checked, the assumption will be that you have no preference.

  • There will be a bonus prize for those who have been reading, you will only be eligible if you’ve read at least 2 hours.  You will be automatically entered for the prize.



Prizes will be distributed beginning 9/2.  You may turn in logs until 8/30; HOWEVER there will be no more INSTANT prizes after 8/20.  Winners will be contacted by phone or email.  All prizes will be announced by 9/10 and must be picked up by 9/30 or they are forfeited.



Please consider voting in our “Top 10” movie survey.  We are looking for a list of movies that you feel EVERYONE should see.  We’ll be showing the 10 winners in the Fall/Winter.  There will be an ongoing tally of the top 10 in the teen room beginning in June. 

Wait! Have you read the rules ? If so, you may register online.

Teen Summer Reading Registration

Happy Summer Fun!

Here is the survey:   http://goo.gl/forms/pXPYDwL0Zg








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Wait! Have you read the rules on the left? If so, you may register online.

Teen Summer Reading Registration

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