What are “tweens”?  Tweens are children between middle childhood and adolescence, usually between 8 and 12 years old. Children at this stage begin to reason logically, and organize thoughts coherently.  They are “black-and-white” thinkers and possess a variety of greatly enhanced moods. However, this high energy and sensitive group often have insightful view points.

The library has recognized the needs of tweens and developed great resources for this group of young people. We have a tween librarian to work with them, a tween collection and reading lists to feed their hungry and inquisitive minds, a tween space for them to do their homework and hangout with their friends, and also a variety of tween programs to give them opportunities to stretch their wings.

Our tween programs help tweens build their self esteem, leadership skills and work as a team in their transitional period from child to young adult.  Through these specially-designed activities, we give tweens opportunities to grow through small responsibilities, and increasing those responsibilities as they are successfully met. We encourage tweens to learn to acquire accountability so that they can have a smooth transition into their young adult years.