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SB Reads Program Building Bridges – Juv


Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers 

Super Heroes-Picture Books-Beginner

Wordless Books for Pre-Readers

Books for Babies

Books for Ones

Books for Twos

Books for Preschoolers

Concepts: Opposites – Picture Books

Concepts: Colors – Picture Books

Concepts: Time – Picture Books & Beginner Non-Fiction

Concepts: Shapes – Picture Books & Beginner Non-Fiction

Princess Books

Dog Books

Construction Books

Dinosaur Books

Cat Books


Book Lists for K-3

Kindergarten Reading List – Non-Fiction

First Grade Reading List – Fiction

First Grade Reading List – Non-Fiction

Second Grade Reading List – Fiction

Second Grade Reading List Non-Fiction

Third Grade Reading List – Fiction

Third Grade Reading List Non-Fiction

Mysteries (K-2nd Grade)

Mysteries (2nd-4th Grade)

Dig Into Reading: K-3rd Grade Fiction

Dig Into Reading: K-3rd Grade Non Fiction

Heroes – Fiction

Heroes – Nonfiction


Book Lists for Tweens

Fourth Grade Fiction  

Fourth Grade Nonfiction

Fifth Grade Fiction

Fifth Grade Nonfiction

Sixth Grade Fiction

Sixth Grade 

Action & Adventure

Fairy Tales & Fables


Fast Reads

Family & Friendship

Funny Books  

Graphic Novels

Historical Fiction



Overcoming Adversity  

Realistic Fiction

Science Fiction


Garden State Books – Fiction & Nonfiction 

Every Hero Has a Story Nonfiction Books for Tweens

Every Hero Has a Story Fiction Books for Tweens




Book Lists for Special Topics and Special Needs

Special Needs – Picture Book

Special Needs- Fiction (2nd-4th Grade)

Special Needs – Fiction (4th-7th Grade)

Special Needs – Non-Fiction 

Coping with Illness and Grief – Picture Books 

Coping with Illness and Grief – Fiction (2nd-4th Grade)

Coping with Illness and Grief – Fiction (4th-7th Grade)

Coping with Illness and Grief – Non-Fiction

Coping with Divorce and Remarriage – Picture Books

Coping with Divorce and Remarriage – Fiction (2nd-4th Grade)

Coping with Divorce and Remarriage – Fiction (4th-7th Grade) 

Stories in the Spectrum: Books about Autism 1

Stories in the Spectrum: Books about Autism 2

Books about Attention Deficit Disorder

Books on Separation Anxiety

Books on Worries

New Siblings

Fear of the Dark


If You Like………

If you like… Alice in Wonderland

If You Like…Diary of a Wimpy Kid

If You Like…Percy Jackson and the Olympians 

If You Like…Survival Stories 

If You Like Fairy Tales: K-3


Fiction/Non-Fiction Pairing

American Government & Symbols – Fiction

American Government & Symbols – Non-fiction

American Revolution – Fiction

American Revolution – Non-fiction

Countries & World Cultures – Fiction

Countries & World Cultures – Non-fiction

Ellis Island & Immigration – Fiction

Ellis Island & Immigration – Non-fiction

Moon & Solar System – Fiction

Moon & Solar System – Non-fiction

Oceans and Sea Animals – Picture Books and Beginner Readers

Oceans and Sea Animals-Non-Fiction

Safety – Fiction

Safety – Non-Fiction





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